News / 2023-04-17

What we've been up to recently


Still trying to get into this newsletter routine.

Shanghai Qiutian hasn’t been idle AT ALL! We’ve been doing plenty of things, so let me update you all a bit… We went to tour a couple of countries, including Korea, UK, Europe, NOT the US (see below) and Japan, and soon China again too.

We wrote and recorded a new album, in Iceland, that we’re getting ready to release.

Might be your new gem!

Club FF Seoul

Korea Mini Tour - with cotoba // Iceland // UK

We’ve been touring with our friend band cotoba in Korea through a couple of crazy Korean cities, before heading to Iceland to record our album there. Iceland was wonderful, we had like the best time ever AND we were lucky enough that the week we were there, Sigur Rós was playing too. We did a crazy UK tour with a sold out show in London, thanks a lot to the few non-Chinese nationals who made it to the show too (haha) and of course to our awesome fan-base there, we were just SHOCKED how many of you came (太感谢大家!)There is videos of how the elasticity of the floors was truly put to the test from all the people jumping. Sick!!

Club FF Seoul

^ Club FF, Seoul

Bit of family time and few more concerts in the Basque Country and Switzerland before heading to Eastern Europe (Prague, Warsaw and Slovakia) which was so nice.

By end of January we played our last EU concert in Paris (must have been around 20 in total or so?) and were ready to enter the US… however our plans cancelled due to sudden and hefty visa issues. Quite a mood breaker, so we decided let’s head back to China and make the best of our time and chill a bit, and we found ourselves at the Hong Kong immigration shortly after.

Japan Mini Tour – with cotoba

We spent February in China, recovering a bit, before heading to Japan in March. It was a short but fun tour, again together with cotoba from Korea. Sadly our Chinese members didn’t get a visa for Japan, because them politicians just seem to like to be heated at all times, so we went just the two of us to play. We met a lot of cool people, old & new friends, some amazing bands that work really hard and are extremely good, we ate the best beef in the world too, and made it again clear who is the best at Mario Kart 64.

China Tour 2023

Big tour ahead. We can’t wait.


Recently we played a couple of festivals, including a Montreux Jazz Festival Showcase near Hangzhou and also probably the best music festival in China “Chunyou” in Chengdu.

It all feels so… great. Always trying our best to kick ass!

Limited merch sale (US only)

For our fans in the US.

As we couldn’t make it to the US this year, we are preparing a special limited sale of “New Era, Shared Future“ on CD and our “Rockin’ in a free world” - T-shirt.

Coming this month via our Bandcamp, so stay tuned!

You can also always check our Instagram for outside of China news.

Thanks for reading, and see you very soon.